You said the best was right around you.
You said the best was right around you.
As long as that moment is worth it, it is enough.

so while complaining about why today is so bad, I pushed my electric car along the side of the road.

the lantern flashes, and the melody is the same as what I heard when I was a child.

in which moment do you feel happy and beautiful?

recently, it is rainy and cold in Guangzhou, and it just started, and there are a lot of projects to catch up with.

yesterday, my face was swollen and lethargic, so I decided to take a walk in the park and stop by the coffee shop to buy breakfast.

when I ordered, the team leader called to urge me to go back to work, and our conversation was overheard by the girls.

it was this sentence that separated me from my anxiety.

it tastes sweet and bitter, but more sweetness, bitterness and sweetness float into the sky, and the aroma factor gets into my clothes and hair.

Hot latte is a must for breakfast.

I am from Changchun and he is from Zhongshan. We got married and settled down in Guangzhou this year.

unexpectedly, when he complained casually, he suddenly said, "I'll be right there."

I grabbed a handful of snow on the ground, which is different from the touch of real snow and fake snow.

it's just that I was moved for less than three seconds when he fell to the ground.

although his appearance really wants to be taught a lesson, it's really cool to remember my unrealistic complaint and keep it in mind.

I want to see the snow.

in less than half a year, I will be a senior in high school.

and remember to often hear from teachers and parents that if you want to get into a better university, your life will be better in the future.

every weekend, I give myself a two-hour vacation and go to the cinema to watch a movie at random.

I have to say that every time the lights are on again in the hall, I feel a daze.

I see my own, more than one hope for the future.

what do you mean by "good" life?

not bad.

I often seem to be out of tune with my friends because I am afraid of spicy food.

once, they were going to eat Chongqing hot pot together, and I turned them down without hesitation.

then I couldn't stand it and went with them.

then they gave me a cheap look in tacit agreement.

while pretending to be rich, he patted me on the shoulder: "hurry up and smell good, don't make a bad impression on girls tonight, and don't embarrass your dads."

Thank you for the boys.

both love and work are troublesome. How can love be as good as live?

after booking the tickets, I will go to the social platform to find some girls who watch live together to form a team.

We will shout until our throats are hoarse on live, and we will hold hands and wave to the sky strewn with colorful flowers.

what I hear is no longer "how come your plan is so meaningless" and "if this happens, I'll let someone else do it".

but hundreds of people shouted, "you can be the person you want to be" and "you said the best person will come to you".

it really has a good atmosphere.

at that time, I didn't understand. Since there was no appearance, how could I know whether it was or not?

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