About the fact that boyfriends are not ideal.
About the fact that boyfriends are not ideal.
It won't be a perfect match, but we fit together.

from the number of flag completed last year, to the New year's wish, and then to a question: "will your current boyfriend be your ideal type?"

is interesting, not ideal, so why can we be together?

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but that time at the seaside in Xiamen, in a group photo of four to eight people, 170 plus a slightly fat boyfriend stood out among a bunch of tall and thin boys.

after class, walking or even eating, I always pat him on the back and add, "straighten up." And I unconsciously formed the habit of hunchback, so that when I turned to look at him, I could raise such a little angle.

before I could react, my boyfriend quickly stood up with a kendo bag and drove the drunk out of the car.

"to better protect you."

"me and my boyfriend of different frequency."

before, when someone asked me what kind of boy I liked, I could always say a lot in one breath:

later, when I fell in love, my boyfriend was not tall, he was a straight man of steel, and he didn't have much to do with gentleness and carefulness.

once he said he was having dinner with his colleagues. I asked him what to eat, and he said to eat food.

he asked me, "how should I describe it?"

so I received the following reply: "order, Chinese food", with a picture of the table.

I also try to "transform him", prepare for a date, try to share my daily routine, write a small composition that only he can see in my moments, and expect him to do the same.

I suddenly realized that I was forcing him to do things he didn't want to do, and then saw them as a sign that he cared about me.

he was a little surprised, and I continued, "I won't ask you to watch literary films with me."

"Voice-activated me met him with a bad voice."

it sounds a little shy. When I was a child, I once called my grandmother to inquire about the broadband at home. As a result, the operator was a very nice male voice.

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since then, I have almost no resistance to boys with good voices.

and Putonghua teaching was not popularized in primary school at that time, so he still has a strong Chaopu accent.

as a matter of fact, it's not that I didn't mind quietly when I was together.

I was anxious and aggrieved. I operated the game clumsily with both hands, and I was so angry that I almost burst into tears.

"Sorry, she can't play very well just now, and we don't have to be angry with the Entertainment Bureau, do we?"

it doesn't matter whether his voice is good or not as long as he is gentle enough.

probably the so-called "ideal type" in girls' minds, it is not a standard answer, it is just a reference answer.

so only one condition that sounds "rigid" can be used to describe it-the height is 180 and the voice should be as magnetic as an announcer.

of course I can understand that everyone wants to be the ideal embodiment of each other.

I hope this article can help these friends:

after all, couples seldom make a perfect match at the beginning of an intimate relationship.