It's a good thing you are guarding our dreams.
It's a good thing you are guarding our dreams.
Thank you, future dreamers.

I recalled the interview at that time and reminded him that "in addition to consolidating his knowledge, remember to be more open when you try to speak."

when we talked about troubles, she said, "being a teacher is so stressful and misunderstood by the outside world."

unexpectedly, my younger brother said, "I know all this."

to encourage and recognize outstanding representatives of rural teachers, invite them to attend the award ceremony, and share the touching deeds of rural education.

I have been a music teacher in Huangzhong County for 11 years.

most of the parents of their children go out to work, and their children can only be brought by their grandparents, and they only eat baked potato and radish for almost every meal.

because the conditions are not very good, so I always use the simplest way in class. I have never used multimedia before.

so, as I expected, the game was not qualified.

later, everyone applauded for me. I stood on the podium and wanted to cry for the first time.

before giving lessons to the children

to report, I imagined a lot of difficulties that I might encounter, but the most difficult one was to communicate with the children.

later, after more than two months of teaching, the children slowly began to learn to speak Putonghua.

because they are all mountain roads, cars can't get in. It took us more than four hours to get to the students' home.

towards the end of my home visit, I suggested whether or not to take a picture of my child and grandma. Unexpectedly, Grandma suddenly stood up and walked back to her room.

"the first photo with my grandson should look better."

every time I feel like I can't make it, I take out the picture and have a look at it.

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she said that registration forms for supporting rural teachers can often be seen in the school's billboards, but almost everyone looks at them, but very few people actually take action.

fortunately, there are actors like Chevrolet who have long supported the progress and change of rural education.

gather high-quality educational resources in first-tier cities online, and then help rural teachers to carry out various quality courses through online and offline forms.

this is a new step forward for red chalk, and it is also a focus on rural education, focusing not only on the children who receive education, but also on the new changes of educators themselves.

and teacher Shao Benjuan said, "I am a college student walking out of the countryside, so I only have one idea in mind, that is, the countryside needs me."

I think that's what teachers are called "dreamers"--

good night.