Thank you for lighting up our Christmas tree.
Thank you for lighting up our Christmas tree.
And I lit up yours.

you asked what it was, but I couldn't figure it out for a long time.

I reminded

"do you know why you've been thinking about going out to dinner with you lately?"

you still have no idea.

"because the day after tomorrow is our second anniversary together."

in fact, I realized the law of our relationship a long time ago.

just tell you what's on your mind, and you're sure to react.

it's no use waiting for you to guess.

then I figured it out and thought it was a good thing.

it at least states that you will be willing to give as long as you know what I want.

so I slowly changed the habit of waiting for you to guess what I was thinking.

probably the transformation has taken place since I became aware of these rules.

when I wrote this, I was angry that you smoked a cigarette before you came back and didn't tell me.

not all, but also because you never let me smoke, but I can.

it's still not accurate when you think about it.

is it because of your discipline, or is it because you can't help you share the sadness?

I thought about it for a long time.

most of the time I don't understand, and I try to figure out why.

I thought it would tell you exactly what I wanted.

at this point, I wish I hadn't found that pattern.

but fortunately, I finally figured it out, because I was afraid.

fear that we will become the ones who can only smoke behind each other's backs.

as some emotional media wrote, men need to smoke in the parking lot before they can go home after work.

like the idea of smoking that popped up in my mind when you were away.

but worries like this are not a big problem over a period of two years.

I just need to figure out what I think and tell you after you care about my emotions.

until the day after the anniversary, the gift you bought arrived.

is a 1.8 meter Christmas tree.

you say, "as long as you are happy to receive the gift".

of course I'm happy, but not only because of the Christmas tree,

obviously I have never felt how important a Christmas tree is, but I seem to have been walking along the road of finding a Christmas tree in each other's heart for two years.

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Thank you for lighting up our Christmas tree.

I finally really lit up your Christmas tree.

it is often said that it is not difficult to like someone, but it is difficult to like someone continuously.

occasionally I worry that the longer we spend together, the less the heartbeat will be.