When you want to cry, you might as well tell me.
When you want to cry, you might as well tell me.

the doorway of the office building is three lanes, but it is still very congested.

I noticed that one of the already narrow passageways was full of taxis with the words "empty cars" lit up.

I looked back and found that no young people were walking towards these "empty cars".

I know for the first time that you can't get on an "empty car".

after walking about 800m, I successfully stopped a taxi.

drivers are also working hard to finish today's work.

the master explained: "working overtime, everyone is under a lot of pressure."

it turns out that there is such a subtle change in mood from "not expecting to be heard" to "someone listening to you".

@ crystal

unexpectedly, he replied very seriously: "No, this is the first time I feel that my emotions have been seen."

this is an easy joke of mine.

there will always be people who will pay enough warm attention to the sadness you inadvertently show.

@ hai

actually I had mixed feelings when I learned that I was going to participate in the "temporary crying Point" project.

I'm just not sure if I can play an emotionally stable role to give others the comfort they need.

come with us to the scene to have a look

as Tencent's friend, the sponsor of this event, said: "it takes courage to cry, so does hugging."

when I took the "can be sad" sticker and saw a girl coming out of it, she was weeping as she walked.

In our black tie dresses long sleeve, you will define elegance and chic. We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

when the little fish hears this, he will soon be able to go forward. But I stood in the same place, unable to move-- can I comfort her if I blurt out?

but then the two people who were talking slowly turned around. Xiao Yu pointed to me and said, "she told me you were crying."

I think maybe this is the meaning of the "temporary crying point" document:

finally, why do we want to use Tencent documents as temporary crying points online?

through this tool, comfort and hugging can break through spatial limitations.