It's the last day.
It's the last day.
Happy New Year.

I flipped through the calendar when I bought movie tickets.

I suddenly found that there were only six days left in 2021.

at a time like this, all kinds of year-end reviews come everywhere, working, listening to music, and even transportation.

looking at these summaries, people can't help expressing the feeling that "this year has passed like this."

A few days ago, we also launched a solicitation, inviting readers to share their 2021.

compared to the past, the difference is that this year, we want to awaken the memories of the past year through the topic of [warm voice].

I want to share these sound-related clips with you with two hours left in 2021.

remind you that although "this year has passed like this", there are still many moving moments worth cherishing.

I go to bed late and get up late, he goes to bed early and gets up early.

so when I get up every morning,

sometimes I wake up,

@ D

when I sing my favorite "Ivory Boat",

I build a port /

the other side is very high,

I can only feel the smell of laundry detergent from the sweater.

that night, I plucked up the courage to ask him for Wechat. After

we were not together,

and he hummed softly.

one night I had a nightmare and woke up.

I turned around and found that he didn't wake up.

@ Jiaping

@ seed rat porridge always loves Ah Shu and A thing

Troye Sivan has a lyric like this:

"You don't have to say i love you to say i love you"

I think it means that the songs you sing for me, the words to comfort me,

are all about loving me.

Grandma's house is across a village from me.

after entering the door, she gave me a piece of sweet potato.

suddenly, Grandma asked:

my first reaction was to say not tired.

@ Daniel

it was a little better at that time. She typed on my phone

and I took a closer look. It said, "I love you."

@ Cream

early the next morning, I heard Grandma busy in the kitchen.

suddenly I felt very happy.

every time I call my mother,

always makes me feel warm.

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Family members are the people closest to us.

most of the time, we can't directly express their feelings.