It doesn't matter if you do something wrong, it doesn't matter if you are aggrieved and sad.
It doesn't matter if you do something wrong, it doesn't matter if you are aggrieved and sad.
Try not to teach today's tears in vain in the future.

and as a result, I was scolded by the chief editor during the review meeting.

in my dream, I was standing at the door of the company conference room, holding the computer in one hand, the other on the doorknob, and my feet against the doorframe.

I am stuck in the gap in this curious posture, because only in this way can I run away as fast as I can when I am scolded.

the editor-in-chief sank into the sofa with his legs crossed and frowned at the ad video showing my data hitting the street on his mobile phone.

"tell me, what is the location of your content?"

I was so frightened by the sudden question that after my head went blank for about five seconds, I uttered the words "I'll look for it."

I know that once this sentence is said, the editor's heart will be more disappointed with me.

as expected, he froze for a few seconds, sighed deeply and asked me,

"Don't you know what you're writing?"

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"everyone else is making progress."

I was so confused that I couldn't move my feet when I wanted to react, so I had to apologize all the time.

my boyfriend came to pick me up from work on Friday and watched me sit in the back seat of the little electric donkey, leaning my head against his back and saying nothing, so I was a little worried and asked me what was wrong.

"do you think I'm really stupid?"

after listening to this, he smiled speechlessly for a while and asked me, "you are still struggling with that thing that you were trained by Zhang GE a few days ago."

I am really a person who thinks a lot.

later, relying on remembering a little sense from the company culture manual, I plucked up the courage to talk to Ah Tan while I went to the bathroom.

"I was much harder than you when I was taught." But if you didn't do a good job, Brother Zhang scolded you for sure to include emotions in it. "

after accepting the objective facts that have not been done well, we should calm down and think about how to solve them.