Some people's confessions are to say goodbye.
Some people's confessions are to say goodbye.
We must always learn to accept the fact that the people we like don't like us.

when his friend was asked for Wechat, he smiled and said to another friend, "Let's just be a background board in silence."

up to now, I have not figured out why it was him. I only remember that I wanted to go over to him and say, "you are not a background board."

but the society was afraid to do so, so on the way back to the dormitory, I pretended to turn my head and talk to my friend next to me, trying to take a closer look at him walking behind with Yu Guang.

finally, with the encouragement of my friend, I plucked up the courage to ask my friend for his Wechat.

in the later chat, I gradually found that I was quite a "coincidence" with him in some ways-

for example, when I gave him the perfume of Amway, he sent a picture of the bottle of perfume on the table;

I was so anxious that I tried to relieve it by taking a nap.

after telling him, he shared a song with me, followed by a sentence: "even if you listen to it, you will fall asleep."

I clicked on the song he shared with me. Looking at his ordinary words, I really calmed down.

so I looped that song for one noon.

so I put that song on my annual playlist from the bottom of my heart.

in fact, books, songs and movies are very personal and private to me, so when I see him sharing with me songs that have been circulating recently, I can't help thinking: "am I a special being to him?"

but actually "sharing a song" is an action that can be done with a flick of the finger.

unfortunately, when I was completely caught up in my own fantasy at that time, I was not aware of this fact.

so late one night, when he didn't reply to me again after a long time, and I happened to have Zhang Jie's song "he doesn't understand" in my headphones, my psychological line of defense collapsed.

I told myself, "No matter how it turns out, you must make a confession tonight."

I said, "it's not because of Zhang Jie, it's just that I think it must be that night."

delete and change the memo for half an hour. After checking it countless times, I looked at 1:50 in the upper left corner of the screen.

I was first frowned on the black screen, but within a second, my expression became relaxed.

it wasn't until that moment that I realized that I wasn't very sad after the confession was rejected.

but it's not so much "happy" as a sigh of relief.

and the slightly upward corner of my mouth, not only because he explicitly refused, but also because he praised me (that is, the well-known good person card), but also because I knew that I could finally let go of this fantasy that would not end well in the first place.

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at that time, I was finally willing to leave McDonald's near the school and go back to my dormitory.

my roommate jumped down from the top bunk excitedly, then patted me hard on the shoulder and said, "it doesn't matter, this so-called crush is very unreliable."

of course I know that she made such an understatement that I could even read a snicker on her face because she was fed up with my howling days in the dorm every day-

"I really want to talk to him, but I can't find a topic."

"Ah! He recommended a movie to me. I'm going to see it tonight. "

I, who was watching the topic of "what are the taboos of communicating with musicians" on some software at that time, suddenly raised my head when I heard her words: "what?" Do you think I have any hope, too? "

she looks sincere: " No, I think you are hopeless. I want you to give up as soon as possible." "

I gave a loud hum, turned my head back, and switched to another software to search for" Aries December emotion ".

she said: "of course I hope you can succeed, but I think your state is too strange, so I would advise you to express your love earlier."

"it just feels like your life is following him. If he gives you a message, you will be happy to death. Once he ignores you, you will be listless." If you like someone, you shouldn't, but that's just what I think. " The roommate said.

it's not hard to understand why I feel a little bit of "finally over" relief after being rejected.

but even after a moment of relief after getting the answer, my mood will finally fall on sadness.