2021 is about to expire, and I still owe my graduation gift.
2021 is about to expire, and I still owe my graduation gift.
It turns out that things from four years of college can be packed in one night.

I easily moved out of the place where I had lived for four years.

I sigh, also because I found that it was six months ago that I moved away from school.

No one will say to you face to face, "Hey, you are an adult."

the first time I ate Haidilao at the original price

I suddenly felt that growing up was the same as working.

when you are sad enough to cry, you are still ranked first in your work.

back to the end of yesterday's conversation, Seventeen said, "actually, what you need is not a college graduation gift."

suddenly remembered that I had just entered a messy week.

at that time, I hurriedly replied to him on Wechat:

but last week, when I complained that my customers were not giving feedback, A Dan brought the matter up again and said:

We both laughed.

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in discussions with my colleagues, I am always asked:

I suddenly think of every stage when I was a child.

just one night, I suddenly realized that

I just hope that whether we are ready or not, whether we are pushed forward by time or not,

then we can grow up well.

"Congratulations, you made your start."

actually it is easy to grow up, but slow for adults.