You don't have to be what other people like.
You don't have to be what other people like.
Keep pace with your own happiness, and your choice will be easy.

Yes, she still didn't accept the fact that I had my hair cut short, but I laughed it off again.

Little Red Book is like overhearing the conversation just now, pushing all kinds of girls' hairstyles to me in real time.

"short hair is the best way to test a girl's face."

and, just like my mother advised me to have long hair, this ad is actually telling women what they should look like.

if it were you, would you choose to be what the other person likes because you are aware of expectation?

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it turns out that this is how I make the other person feel.

regardless of age, appearance and occupation, they all choose to stick to their heart and continue to shine for it.

both individuals and brands deserve to be seen by us.

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