When I grow up, I still look forward to the reasons for the Spring Festival:
When I grow up, I still look forward to the reasons for the Spring Festival:
After another year of bitter and salty taste, don't forget that someone left sugar for you.

is so named because every Chinese New year, our family would huddle on the rooftop to play werewolf killing after dinner.

this is also an important reason why I still look forward to the Spring Festival when I grow up.

I will never forget the "hot" New year. @ flatulence

Dragon Boat Festival barbecue, Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue, National Day barbecue, even New year's Day barbecue.

when I was a child, I couldn't understand why barbecue lasted so long and why we could chat all night.

what impresses me most is that I went home from another place for the Spring Festival in my first year, because I was afraid that my relatives would ask me all kinds of questions I didn't want to answer, so I cowered in the corner to try my best to reduce my sense of existence.

then we started a chat that didn't match.

this is the first time I realized--

this moment of forgetting my identity, and now when I think about it, it's a strong sense of "top".

my family's way of celebrating the Chinese New year is quite "two-level differentiation". @ lobular

just like a few years ago, when I was working out of town, my mother called when I was close to the Spring Festival.

finally she made an understatement: "then arrange it yourself."

after the collapse, I felt a little embarrassed. Probably only my mother could make such a decision.

on New year's Eve, my parents and I exchanged greetings by video. She talked happily about the things she bought and the sea creatures she saw. I also showed her the fireworks sticks I had photographed.

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maybe this way of celebrating the Chinese New year seems incredible to many people, why the family doesn't get together during the Spring Festival.

it is a very happy thing for them to have their own time and space at this time of the Spring Festival.

the Spring Festival every year is a "tumultuous day" for my family. @ Jiaer

and this is all thanks to my parents who are full of brains.

in addition, my family will stipulate that the Spring Festival couplets should buy a full set of tools to write by themselves, and then a family of three will award this year's "Best Spring Festival couplets". The reward is to stick the work at the door for a year.

just like the year before last, we had a three-hour online video dinner in our family.

and my parents have already discovered the creative form this year.

speaking, even though they do so every year, I am still very lucky to have a pair of parents who have such a sense of ritual.

because we don't spend every year in the same year.

used to feel that everyone's way of celebrating the New year seemed to be the same-not having a reunion dinner while watching the Spring Festival Gala, counting the number of red envelopes and waiting for the countdown.

like the candy that appeared in the micro-movie "that Sugar", it is not only a fetter between the family, but also harmonizes the life of the family in every era.