What is the smell of books?
What is the smell of books?
It depends on whether it is a new book or an old book.

students who like to soak in libraries and bookstores will be no stranger to the smell of books, but what on earth is the smell of books?

the smell of the new book is mainly the smell of "ink" and the smell of the adhesive used in binding. In the old books, the years left more traces: the cellulose and lignin that make up the paper gradually degraded, producing more volatile substances.

(picture from Compoundchem)

even new books may use different inks, adhesives, and other materials, so they may not all smell the same. For old books, it seems reasonable to call them "bookish": we can see that the identified smell molecules of old books include vanillin, the molecule that brings vanilla aroma. At the same time, benzaldehyde brings almond aroma, ethylbenzene and toluene add sweet smell, and 2-ethylhexanol has a slight floral smell. The olfactory threshold of other aldehydes and alcohols produced in these reactions is very low, which is also helpful to the production of book flavor.

of course, if the preservation condition is not good, it can not be ruled out that there will be a moldy smell _ (: moldy "∠) _

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