To be the light in your dim life.
To be the light in your dim life.
It's disorganized. Happy seventh anniversary.

I thought about it for a long time, and then told her, "that's it."

slow, how slow is it?

I think these words are too subjective, and even the previous "in a hurry", I want to find out how hasty it is.

so I said, "that's it".


conversely, when you admit that you have seen it, and do a good job of "don't solve it, don't eat", the answer will soon appear.

the copywriter's release of the video doesn't matter. I just remember the shock of that picture:

and in this cycle, the light appears.

I'm not an escalator. I don't know if the escalator will feel warm, and I don't know if it will make it feel like "it's all worth it".

dynamic videos are more intuitive

so what does this have to do with my vision of writing a messy account today?

because it is the answer.

is it possible, but not necessarily, to go down, because when we go down, we can also encourage ourselves to say, "what can't beat me will make me stronger."

I've had "that" times.

I don't think I've done anything, but I've been hit by life one after another.

and the swelling is not enough, that palm will only come all the time, at a speed that is neither fast nor slow.

this "autistic" is not introverted "autistic", but "self-closed":

until "disorganized".

illuminates my cyclical, pretending to exercise life.

if it wasn't for it, maybe I would have closed it all the way,


but for some reason, I sometimes feel that this vision is not quite right, because most of the time, we are the only ones who say it by ourselves, and that sentence, put on other platforms, will indeed cause a lot of confusion.

if you want to do it, do the light cut-off in a dark life.

although it's only a little bit, I think it's enough.

so if one day you don't need clutter, I'll be happy, because that means you know exactly where you're going.

(good news, clutter not only has 90w + readers in bilibili, but also has 550W in Douyin. Thank you for your reading and company in recent years. )

in fact, if you have noticed, on May 15, 2021, clutter did not send annual tweets. Frankly speaking, I was not in good shape that day. I spent almost the whole of May thinking about what to write, but I still flinched. This kind of thing is not common to me, but it still happens.

maybe this is the way life is. Some words, you think it is a whim, are just hidden in the bottom of our hearts for too long.

good night.

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