The new year begins a new life of self-acceptance.
The new year begins a new life of self-acceptance.
May you love yourself.

before the release of the one-year record of the breakup at the end of the year, I nervously asked the thorn koala and hai's opinion: "is it bad and annoying?"

fortunately, with their encouragement, I was able to see messages from many perspectives in the comments section.

some readers are honest about letting Ta find that he is not alone.

these words make me realize once again: it is meaningful to muster up the courage to write these .

friend Xing Hai said: in the muddy "self bottle", "new water" has been poured in.

so thank you for reading it word by word and for sharing it with your heart.

the last shot in the New year raffle is a red packet of 2022 yuan.

reminder: the key words of red packets in the previous three days are " year of the Tiger " Tiger Shengwei " Tiger back ".

good luck!

search for "Fei Yuan A Cai Tiger year Special" in Wechat emojis to get it.

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you can look forward to it.

to introduce all the accounts of our team

I wish you all to love yourself in the new year!