The Molecular World in Minecraft
The Molecular World in Minecraft
I can also study chemistry in Minecraft.

I don't know if you have ever played Minecraft. This sandboxie game, known as mine world (hegemony), provides players with a broad space for creativity to build all kinds of buildings. Since anything can be done, so can molecular structure.

recently, the Department of Chemistry of Hull University has carried out such a project, setting up a device called "MolCraft" to display molecular structure in Minecraft. The purpose of this project is for chemistry education, and the developers hope to help students learn chemical structure in a game-like way.

so what does this pixel-based molecular world look like? First of all, players will enter a hall-like place:

(well, this project is also supported by the Royal Chemical Society)

at each small door, you can choose different molecules. it will then be transferred to the corresponding molecular model.

the following is the model of myoglobin:

compared with ordinary diagrams, the advantage of this thing is that it can be scaled and can be viewed from all angles. It's possible to go through from the inside:

at the center of myoglobin. You can also find its "iron core":

does it have a sense of treasure hunt?

in addition to the protein model, there are also bat models of other molecules:

this is the material they use to build different molecules:

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at present, this model is open to the public, and the original link is their introduction page, and you can also find download links. In the future, they also hope to continue to enrich the model and make it a real virtual education tool.

finally put a picture of team members (but also in Minecraft):

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