See the elements: the periodic table of physical elements
See the elements: the periodic table of physical elements
What is the periodic table of elements that shows real matter?

when we study chemistry, we always start to know all kinds of substances from the periodic table. Usually see the periodic table is relatively ordinary, most of it is like this:

is really a little too ordinary.

and what I want to share with you today is a much more handsome periodic table, which is made of real objects. Generally speaking, the periodic table is actually a set of display cabinets showing a variety of sealed elemental elements or related compounds. Needless to say, let's take a look at the picture:

(in which the inert gas is displayed in the form of neon lights)

(this also includes some everyday items containing these elements)

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the following is even more interesting. In the potassium lattice, there is a fruit rich in potassium-banana:

of course, there are also elements that are not suitable or have no conditions for display. What should I do at this time? The following cycle table will put pictures and related photos of scientists in these boxes. For example, element 99 Es is named in memory of Einstein, so it has a big picture of Einstein.

similar physical periodic tables are popular exhibits in many schools and museums. If you want to experience various elements from a visual point of view, you can also take a look at the book Journey of Vision: magical Chemical elements ~