No matter how it is this year, it will be over.
No matter how it is this year, it will be over.
Happy the Winter Solstice.


what's more, you can see many cherished moments of the year at a glance.

for example, when we made dumplings with friends on the weekend, everyone had a sudden idea to make a lot of strange dumplings;

the moment we went to the hot spring with our boyfriend, we all said, "Oh, it's so warm;

after one night, several of our friends had midnight snacks at KFC and talked about a recent happy thing:

"I found that my boyfriend had prepared a Christmas present for me."

are all weird little things, right? And the reason I remember this clip is because I think:

so, even if growing up is really not fun, the adult identity is really a little tired, and it is really not easy this year.

but at least we also have the ability to heal ourselves because we are satisfied with a little bit of life.

so that you can have the strength to smile and hug it in 2022.

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