Mother said: the New year should be prosperous, the year of the Tiger will be smooth.
Mother said: the New year should be prosperous, the year of the Tiger will be smooth.
There is bound to be an echo of what we are looking forward to this year.

A Yu, while carefully choosing a style, replied solemnly:

it seems that this is indeed the case--

this year of the Tiger, where will you hide your New year's expectations?

in the year that I just finished the college entrance examination, my family moved from my hometown to Guangzhou.

Dad broke an orange and casually asked his mother, "how does it feel to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou?"

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I know that every Spring Festival has been less lively since we moved away from our hometown.

taking advantage of my mother's birthday this year, my father and I took her to the seaside for birthday reasons.

I colluded with my father, and then I took my mother for a walk by the sea, and he went to surprise my mother.

"look, we'll set off fireworks for you."

although the light was not very good that night, I could still vaguely see tears in my mother's eyes.

before the fire of the fairy stick, she made a wish that we would all be safe and happy in the days to come.

after graduating from college, the only old friend I kept in touch with was Ami.

Ami has a hobby, that is, no matter at work or idle at night, she does not turn on the lights, but only lights aromatherapy candles.

the house was dark, and only the light of the candle swayed to and fro with the wind blowing in.

but when I came home from overtime a year ago, I saw Amy huddled on the sofa and blew out the candle on the coffee table.

I know that she is homesick.

"well, after lighting so many aromatherapy candles, forget the unhappy things."

"by the way, I'm going to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, too. What do you think we should do in the New year?

I know very well that I can go back to my hometown when it is safe, and my relatives often get in touch with each other, and it's cool to have a video together for the New year.

does have relaxing magic.

I have to say that my family has a really strong sense of Chinese New year ceremony.

and the color of the clothes must be red with gold, implying prosperity, both festive and lively.

that's what they said: "it takes a prosperous New year to go well throughout the year."

although later, under the advice of me and the hairstylist, she changed "red" to "wine red", but she was still very happy.

I inherited my parents' sense of ritual for the New year.

then replace the covers of my moments and mobile phones with mahjong wallpaper;

watching everyone's wishes go up the wall, they become little stars one by one, and finally merge into a torch. This is the first time I have been moved.

Super lovely torch status

although sometimes I feel troublesome about the ceremony, I still feel happy and happy more often.

We have the expectation of living every day as well as taking ourselves seriously.

Certificate of torch network runner for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

speaking, it seems that every Spring Festival, "expectation" is always associated with "fire"--

I think there is a reason for this connection:

burns past losses and turns expectation into light.

"it doesn't matter. I'm sure there will be an echo of what I'm looking forward to this year."