Literature and Art Science: ferrofluid character Table
Literature and Art Science: ferrofluid character Table
The literary and artistic side of magnetic fluid.

Today is also a day of literature and art. Let's enjoy some symbolic art creations:

this is the work of Craig Ward and Linden Gledhill. What is it created with? The answer is ferromagnetic fluid.

ferromagnetic fluid is a kind of fluid made of nano-scale ferromagnetic particles uniformly dispersed in the liquid. It has paramagnetism, and when placed in a strong enough magnetic field, it can form interesting protuberances and folds:

it's lovely, isn't it? here, artists put a small amount of magnetic fluid between the glass plates to form a variety of graphics, and then put them into the computer to digitize, forming the final pattern.

this is an original pattern on the glass plate:

they thought it looked a lot like totem symbols and hieroglyphs, so they made them into a "character table":

looks like a strange collection of brushes. What is the use of this character table

? The answer at this stage is no. And it doesn't seem to reflect the characteristics of magnetic fluid very much. However, as a work of art is still a very interesting idea, let's enjoy

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an additional bean knowledge:

Surfactants are needed to make ferromagnetic fluid. Because this allows small particles to disperse more stably without quickly gathering together ~ commonly used surfactants include oleic acid, tetramethylammonium hydroxide, soy lecithin and so on.

if you like ferromagnetic fluid, you should be able to buy some of these small toys now, and you can also play in some science museums such as the China Science and Technology Museum.

"read the original text" is an English report on this work

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when searching for ferromagnetic fluid, I found a very magical and unsuitable personification for children. ).

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