[literature and art science] crystallization, beautiful crystallization
[literature and art science] crystallization, beautiful crystallization
Beautiful crystals in the chemical journal CrystEngComm ~

Today, when I was worrying about what to send, I saw such a thing: in a chemical journal called CrystEngComm, there is a monthly selection of "crystals of the month" to find out those crystal pictures that not only reflect the cutting edge of science and technology, but also have a great sense of beauty and interest. So today, I would like to introduce some interesting works.

Crystal is a very intuitive embodiment of the beauty of matter. Sometimes even if the saturated solution is left there to slowly evaporate, it is enough to produce very beautiful crystals, such as the crystallization of potassium ferricyanide below:

the same substance can have different crystal forms under different conditions. Snowflake is a good example. The world of crystallization has also become richer.

then let's take a look at some of the best crystals of the month selected by CrystEngComm.

this thing that looks like a wine bottle is a single crystal of calcium tungstate (CaWO4):

A crystal flower composed of zinc oxide:

this is a silver crystal stretching in a dendritic shape:

Fractal flowers on preserved eggs have been introduced before, and the principle of forming branches here is the same. The reply keyword [Fractal] can revisit ~

and below is a nanocrystal structure of tungsten oxide, which looks like a torch, so people happily paste a five-ring on it.

this is the crystallization of 6-chloro-2pyrine 4-dinitroaniline:

the following is a hexagram crystal formed by vanadium oxide:

this is a nanometer "snowflake" under an electron microscope. However, its composition is actually cuprous oxide crystal:

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of course, scientists do not make crystallization just for looks or fun, crystallization has many uses, as mentioned before. If the complex molecule is crystallized, the spatial structure can be determined by x-ray diffraction, and the pure single crystal silicon sphere can be used to calculate the Avogadro constant and so on. From this point of view, it is also a great thing to be able to control the trend of crystallization and make high-purity and transparent crystallization.

We don't usually see these crystals in the laboratory, but we can also play with crystals and read the original text in life. You can see a sucrose lollipop course that is suitable for children to do together.

have a good weekend.