Let me know when you get there.
Let me know when you get there.
I want you to be safe.

after I finished my work, I stopped to swipe my cell phone for a while, but the news of that day was confusing.

for no reason, I clicked on the dialog box with my girlfriend. Knowing that she didn't have enough time to get off work, I sent out a sentence:

"Let me know when you get home."

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actually I didn't know how to say that before.

when I was in college, my mother would send me a series of questions every time I went out, asking me where I had been. Are you out of Shantou? Are you at school yet?

I'm actually tired of answering these repetitive questions, and I'm tired of hearing the phrase "remember to tell your family when you get there".

think that this sentence is weak and has no practical meaning.

both the speaker and the listener know that they are not in the same place, and even if something really happens to me, they will not be able to come immediately.

until later, when I had someone who cared a lot and experienced a lot of sudden losses, I slowly understood the meaning of that sentence:

precisely because we are not in the same place, we need such a clumsy way to ensure your safety.

people who can't stay with you all the time can only put down the stone in their heart through your "here we are".