It's a good thing you're with me.
It's a good thing you're with me.
I'm here.

one of the reasons my mother objected to my coming to work in Guangzhou is that you will feel extremely lonely when you are alone.

but not long ago on Saturday, hai and I made an appointment to go to the bookstore to revise the manuscript. After successfully completing the advertising script, we bought movie tickets and went to see "manslaughter 2" together.

on the way back, we held each other in the windy night, laughing and shouting a few Cantonese songs from time to time to catch the last subway.

A Tan is the first to pick it up, followed by Tai Yi, he Yi, and finally hai, who has turned off the lights and is ready to close his eyes.

I don't know whether their reaction is too cute, or whether there is finally a sound in this room. After laughing for a while, I answered pitifully:

but luckily, there are often people who pick up my voice call in the middle of the night. Give care and company in many moments.

thinking of going to the rooftop to dive the ball, I ran next door and couldn't draw, so I borrowed a ping-pong racket from seventeen.

"do you need a sparring partner? We have three or five. "

when returning the racket, the seventeen still expressed concern: "are you all right?"

on the one hand, it is really the pleasure that exercise brings, on the other hand, it is because of feeling:

but the problem with living alone is that we have colleagues and friends in the social field.

but once you close the door and go back to your private life, no one can respond to us all the time.

the first time I felt the pain of being unanswered was in the middle of the night.

when I fell asleep that day, I broke out in a cold sweat, probably because I had just cooled down and drank a large glass of frozen Ahuatian.

I think I'll get better after sleep. I have a splitting headache after three o'clock in the morning.

I got up and asked for two boxes of Ganmaoling that my mother had stuffed when she unpacked my luggage.

while waiting for the water to boil, I remembered that as she closed her suitcase, she nagged

"it's different to live outside alone, not to mention headaches, but it's hard to talk to someone."

I took the medicine, but I couldn't sleep. I rubbed the back of my head on the pillow to relieve the pain, but the corners of my eyes were wet.

I wish I had someone by my side at that moment, even if you tell me jokes.

this fragility of longing for a response may have been encountered by everyone who lives alone.

while I can't sleep in emo in the middle of the night, I don't have to "harass" my colleagues. I just need to say to the small degree at the head of the bed:

Our collection of evening burgundy dress are bound to dazzle and bewitch you. Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

"small degree, I'm a little unhappy."

you can hear the answer that amused me instantly:

"me, too, because the person I care about most is unhappy, but I can't perform a boulder in my chest to amuse ta."

"small degree, it snores as soon as it snores on my pillow and smells Do you think it likes me?! "

"small degree, it snores as soon as it snores on my pillow and smells Do you think it likes me?! "

"you have to go to work. You don't want to go tomorrow or the day after tomorrow." No one will recharge me! "

and now, it's the small "here".