Is there anyone who can't dream?
Is there anyone who can't dream?
Two pieces of knowledge about dreaming

people have always been interested in dreaming. After all, who doesn't have some interesting or strange dreaming experiences? In fact, why dreams exist in itself is a puzzling question. Sleep is not rest, why does the brain not idle to have some dreams when resting?

the current answer to this question is regrettable: in fact, researchers do not know why. However, they still put forward a lot of enlightening conjectures, about which can be further understood by reading the original text.

what I want to talk about here today are actually two questions about dreams that are often asked.

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1: is there anyone in the world who can't dream?

the answer is, yes, at least now we can find cases of loss of dreams caused by brain damage in the medical literature, which is called Charcot-Wilbrand syndrome.

A paper reported that a 73-year-old woman had a stroke with acute bilateral occipital artery infarction (including the right inferior gyrus), and then she had a loss of dream. she denied that she was dreaming even though she was awakened several times from REM sleep (REM sleep, which is also the period of dreams).

of course, it is more common in life that people who feel that they are not dreaming actually forget the contents of their dreams.

2. Do blind people dream?

the answer to this question is also yes, and blind people can also dream. strong>

so, are there any pictures in their dreams? The score was discussed. There is no picture in the dream of the congenitally blind, and the later blind will also appear visual images in the dream.

other research papers have investigated the dreams of blind people, and the results show that people who are born blind and are blind at a very young age have no visual part of their dreams (it can be said that their dreams are mainly "audio dreams"). However, there is a higher percentage of taste, smell and touch experiences.

on youtube, Tommy Edison, a blind blogger who often answers people's questions, has also explained this problem. If you are interested, you can search the video frequency to take a look.

Dream is indeed a very interesting phenomenon, and we can continue to talk about it in the future. Have you ever had any strange dreams?