I'm ready to stand in front of you.
I'm ready to stand in front of you.
Try and do your best.

the last time I had a similar feeling was Beijing drifters in 2020.

I'm holding on to time, and time makes me stay with my hair back: it doesn't matter if we go back to Dongguan.

"in the new year, be my assistant and I'll take you."

my first reaction, no.

I can accept the fact that I have changed jobs over and over again, but I don't want to let myself fail again and be completely defeated before I leave.

when awe of the movie becomes a job, but I get feedback from being rejected day after day, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

fortunately, I was convinced by my own logic: it's all coming, and there's nothing worse than before.

as a result, I recalled that most of the pieces of my life were made up of "try".

try to go to Beijing for graduation.

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Last year, I tried to make a messy account.

before the Spring Festival, when listening to Thorn's speech at the annual meeting, an idea suddenly occurred to me: why not give it a try and organize the main points into documents, so that it will be convenient for the whole company to understand? So I did it.

when I look back on this mental journey, I have to be honest with those in the past:

since that is the case, even if the assistant is not clear about the content of the job this time, I might as well try to see if I can do my best.

at that time, I moved to Guangzhou

at first, my job was to sort out the minutes of the meeting, which was tedious and patient.

my colleague Xing Hai told me that people who are good at taking minutes of meetings are very popular in the workplace.

later, the company began to introduce new office software (Flying Book and Slack), and many of my colleagues were not familiar with how to use it at first.

work in the workplace can sometimes be so wonderful that you can't do anything well before, but you can do everything well after you meet the right position.

just as I have this experience, thorns sent me a message hoping that my goal was to become a "messy chief talent officer".

because at that time, I almost gave up.

although we have encountered different difficulties, we have all seen the scenery of the trough.

who hasn't been saddened by the Guangzhou Tower?

when I had McDonald's with A Yu last year, I casually said that I wanted to give it a try to write a tweet.

I thought this could be so vague, but she lashed out: "do you know how many tweets and Douyin videos I have written and made in your dawdling time?"

then I finished it in two hours in silence that night.

this reminds me of a sentence that Jobs once said: have the courage to follow your intuition and inner guidance, they already know who you want to be to some extent.

A Yu told me that being honest with your thoughts and changes in your heart is a sign of loving yourself.

and what pleases me most is that even in the darkest life in the past, I never stopped loving myself.

even if there is no light in my world for the time being, let myself be light, and then illuminate the edges and corners of my heart, organize and arrange every inch of space without falling a speck of dust.