I think 2021 is really going to pass.
I think 2021 is really going to pass.
Happy New year, everyone.

time goes on. In the past four years, we have practiced our skills, and it seems that we have finally mastered some knack to "earn money standing up without having to show the family how to buy a bowl of powder."

looks good, and it does.

but writing seems to be drifting away from my life.

for a long time in the past, I was almost unable to write anything, and every article appeared in a mess of articles, all of which were deleted and deleted. Without deadline, I would have been unable to finish the articles, so I seldom read the tweets of the past two years compared to the chapters of four or five years ago.

because every time I look at it, I can see what I am thinking about in front of the computer.

consideration is a good thing, because it can protect the family, but for creation, consideration is obliteration.

the author has been obliterated for such a long time that I have even forgotten what kind of author he is.

for example, Haruki Murakami said that he received a falling song in the auditorium of the baseball field. I heard it on Wukang Road in Shanghai, and I felt that the song floated to me, too.

that night I sat down at the beer bar and ordered a cup of 7-up with lemon.

Choose a delightful alluring crimson prom gowns with a small budget! There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

but the responses from my friends are almost the same: "but I feel good about it."

just like that, it was sent out.

I don't care, because I have changed this year's policy of "what's the point of writing if you don't read a lot?"

I have found the difference between business and expression. I no longer force them together. I know very well that the clutter of the coming year will be better, and we will provide more value, comfort and companionship.

I no longer worry that my creation will affect me to make money, and vice versa, my making money will not affect my creation. In this matter, I am not trying to reconcile the two, but to find more mature and smarter ways and methods.

so go back to that Liuzhu: "is it very painful for people like you to consume your feelings and emotions?"

it doesn't really matter what it sings, what matters is that I was hit as soon as I heard the prelude.

because on the Spring Festival in 2016, I don't know what the significance of writing is. It is this mixed cut that gives me a lot of money.

I think 2021 is really over.