I just learned Cheng Youqing today.
I just learned Cheng Youqing today.
"worthy of being loved" is a false proposition.

when I saw Cheng Youqing at that time, all I saw was her strength and eloquence. Until today, I saw the episode in which she found that her subordinates were clearly gay but wanted to benefit her love.

because nick is young, handsome, nice and green-eyed, how can such a nice young man like him?

until the sarcasm of a colleague hiding in the toilet was heard by her, "how could niki like her? she must have taken the initiative."

I have never seen Cheng Youqing like this before. She is in harmony with what I thought was a strong letter in 2011. In 2022, her line shot soundtrack has not changed, but I think she has become that unfaithful and skeptical child.

seems to be the scene in which niki showed up on the scene.

this kind of "I correct" let me see her "I attack".

but this time I saw it, and I saw the Cheng Youqing who obviously didn't like niki, but tried to convince him to fall in love with him.

does Cheng Youqing like Ding Yiwei? I think the answer is no.

because Ding Jianwei is so good.

I think that if Cheng has the concept of "ideal self", then Ding Jing must be the one she most wants to be.

that's right, Cheng Xi Huan Ding, just because of the saying: "if people like Ding Liwei will like me, then I'm sure I'm fine."

I think this is the dilemma.

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even if Bian Bian finds a lot of advantages and lovable parts in their stories, they will still look at all "love" before they know enough about them, and then continue to prove that they deserve to be loved through other forms.

as long as you really love someone, then you don't need to be loved and break the whole definition of "I don't deserve to be loved."

so the problem is not "two", but "series".

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