I hope you have a lot of love in the new year.
I hope you have a lot of love in the new year.
If not, the red packet is also ok.

I came to the mess at the beginning of last year.

later, with the change of time, I wrote about some of the things I experienced, including "Choice of work", "Friendship" and "reconciliation with my mother".

in the new year, I hope to get a lot of energy and love, and write more warm and loving stories.

two 1288 red packets are prepared for everyone.

in addition, there will be the last lucky draw tomorrow (the fourth day of the Lunar New year): draw a red packet of 2022 yuan!

Today, we have also prepared memes of "Rainbow Baiyun" for everyone.

this series will also be updated continuously in the new year.

finally, we will take advantage of this opportunity

to draw lottery from time to time

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and a lot of love!