"I am a grass, and I asked for a peace charm for her that year."
"I am a grass, and I asked for a peace charm for her that year."
We finally lived our own lives.

without much thinking, I clicked into the interface of "four Seas" and bought two tickets for 01:30 in the afternoon. In fact, I didn't decide who I was going to see with at that time, because the most important thing in life was change, so my thought at that time was: "one person can do it, two people can do it, or even not to see it in the end, anyway." it's okay to meet your wishes at the moment. "

I first asked Viv if she was going to help in a friend's coffee shop this afternoon, and I was going to see a movie.

I said, "go and help your classmates."

Liu de is my best friend in high school. We were roommates in the first year of high school. At that time, he had a lot of pimples on his back. Every night after the lights were turned off in the dormitory, he asked me to help him wipe the medicine on the balcony. Then he finished the medicine and began to talk about life, games, and the girls in the class.

I still remember that I went to see the third movie "Let the bullets fly" with this kid in my life. And that day, coincidentally, our head teacher did not know where to get the gun version of "Let the bullets fly" was put at the class meeting, we could only give each other a look and then cover our ears and play with our cell phones.

he picked his eyebrow and said, "Damn it, I have it."

I said, "this movie is fucking amazing. I want to make one, too."

in the next two years, we all chose science, and we all continued to like the girls we liked in the first year of high school. at the same time, we often took the bus to see movies together after class on weekends, and even asked girls to see New year movies together during the Spring Festival every year.

the girl he likes has never seen a New year's movie with him.

I remember that on the first day of the second year of senior high school, I went to Huizhou to worship with the villagers in the afternoon, and went to the movies with him and the two girls in the evening.

to be honest, I didn't think the movie would be so boring. As a movie lover, I fell asleep in the course of watching the movie. When I woke up, it was time for the final group photo to say "Happy New year".

Yes, she's asleep, too. I touched her elbow with my elbow and she woke up with a start and asked me, "is it over?"

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later, when we left the cinema, we went to sit at McDonald's in the mall next door. The four of us dipped in ice cream and ate French fries.

I know what I think, probably that sentence:

at that time, Liu de and I used to sit on the laundry bucket on the balcony of the dormitory and fantasize about our future life. I said I was not convinced, but he said you could not be convinced. I said we were not convinced together, but he said we were not convinced together.

later, we got on different buses and went to our lives.