How many times do you have to fall in love before you can get married?
How many times do you have to fall in love before you can get married?
The time is ripe.

began to think about this question because the boy he liked confessed to me in a low voice: "I haven't talked about it before."

on the other hand, the role of "first love" always seems to be used for growth and for a lesson, but it is often inconclusive.

although, on the night he sincerely confessed to me, I promised him.

whenever he doesn't realize the difference between a full stop or a wavy sign after my "good night", he is at a loss in the face of my three-day menstrual pain every month, and always forgets to blow my long hair while combing it. Instead of rubbing it left and right.

until I went home for the Spring Festival some time ago, my mother put her arms around my shoulder after the New year countdown and whispered:

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I know, my mother just sighed that I grew up fast.

I began to realize: I also want a relationship in which there is a good chance that I can get married.

I don't know if I drank too much beer, but my friend who was still telling me the "big truth" suddenly waved:

"the third term and the tenth term, as long as the time is right."

that night, she talked a lot, but I only remembered a few words.

to be exact, I only remember the phrase "the time is ripe".

I remember that my friend once said, "when my boyfriend forwarded the real estate information to me, I was sure that he was the one who would get married."

and remembering that my boyfriend did the same thing, I finally knew what the so-called "time is ripe"-

is when two people start planning how much money they should save for the down payment each month, where to buy a house, and how far they want to be before they turn 30, and what their career plans are.

is that after recognizing that "love needs love, marriage needs conditions", they gradually move closer to the goal in order to increase the probability of marriage.

speaking, when we attended our mutual friend's wedding last month, my boyfriend sat next to me and suddenly asked

"do you like outdoor weddings because you are so afraid of the heat?"

"then we can also have an indoor wedding in winter. I want to wear a wedding dress with a furry collar!"

I don't know why I answered him directly without too much thought.

maybe one day, he leaned over with his cell phone and wanted to share the earthy video he saw in the family group.

On the

list, in addition to the names of their families, my name was also written in the front and conspicuous position.

that is to say, I am only in love with him, but I have been treated as "family" by his family.

in several relationships, it is important to have the reason to plan for the future and the sensibility that must be yours.