How long has it been since you saw the stars?
How long has it been since you saw the stars?
For a long time.

when I was halfway to the gate of the neighborhood, I received a Wechat message:

"can you accompany me out to see the stars?"

indeed, it has been a long time since I sat in the back seat of Dad's motorcycle and looked up at the stars.

on the 19th, the sundae told the above segment at the offline sharing meeting of "Story of the Stars" co-organized with rapper sundae.

I think of a sentence in "what kind of life do you want to live?" "you are used to the world and don't even look up at the moon in the sky."

the night sky is painted beautifully in the book. The stars are shining in the blue sky.

but we, who are used to the world, often lose our perception of this beauty.

for example, commuting has become a common thing for me.

I am also used to wearing headphones and walking briskly on the way to and from work without squint.

but once, when I was coming home from work with my roommate, she pointed to the distance and said, "look."

A group of takeout boys are sitting on the steps of the subway entrance.

the LED screen in the distance plays starry video, which looks realistic and poetic.

the picture moved me so much that I couldn't help but take a picture of it.

such a thing, I never thought it would make much sense before.

but sharing that night made me understand that

the world we are used to has a lot of small, simple beauty to explore.

some people say that growing up becomes complicated because there are more and more problems to face.

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but in fact, real life is much more difficult than what is written in the song.

for one thing, he began to make up his mind at 03:00 to make music formally.

one night he got drunk and posted a lot of Weibo, which was later transported by the marketing account.

but in retrospect, Sundae thought it was probably providence, and these experiences, along with daily details, were recorded in mobile phone memos and recorded in temporary audio, and became the inspiration for his creation.

that night, readers also shared some of the things that bothered them.

some people say that they recently broke up with their boyfriends and didn't know how to face their elders when they went back.

some people say that they are tired of dealing with a steady stream of messages on their mobile phones every day.

"I really want to uninstall Wechat during the break."

after listening to the event that night

, some readers said that this was not the first time she had listened to this song.

the first time I saw bilibili's live performance video on my way to work.

as described in the opening lyrics, she was squeezing the subway in the morning rush hour, so she was immediately moved.

also reminds her of the days when she used to ride a bike to and from school.

other readers said that she cried when she listened to it, and every word of the

chorus was like a spiritual torture to her.