Detect particles: this is probably the coolest thing you can do with a cell phone
Detect particles: this is probably the coolest thing you can do with a cell phone
Someone specially developed such an application.

this is the age of smartphones, and if not everyone has one, it is at least very popular among young people. What can a smartphone do? Much more capable, send messages, check email, play games, listen to music, recite words, browse online shops, draw krypton. (look at the sad eyes of the Po master who has never pulled out the UR so far. Please automatically ignore the children's shoes that can't read this sentence.) well, the functions simply can't be more abundant.

however, smartphones actually have a high-end hidden feature that you may never have thought of. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be-- detecting particles! From cosmic rays! Does that sound awesome?

there are at least two apps doing this at present, one is called "Deco" and the other is called "CRAYFIS". They all use the camera on the phone. In addition to visible light, some particles from cosmic rays, such as muons, can also be sensed and recorded by mobile phone cameras. If you block out visible light, constantly take pictures, sample and analyze, it is possible to capture some information about cosmic rays.

take Deco as an example. Here are some examples of the signals it records:

but it takes some effort to get the data. According to Deco, in order to get some data, you have to run the corresponding application for at least 24 hours. The idea of the

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CRAYFIS project goes a step further. They hope to use the GPS data on their mobile phones to upload information through the network, and eventually form a particle detection network of enthusiastic users.

having said so much, can this application go down? Deco currently has a download on the website (Android version, although the 2015 iOS version has been written, but has not seen … ), CRAYFIS needs to submit an application _ (: submission "∠) _

(in fact, I personally feel that this thing may be a bit troublesome to use. However, using the mobile phone in everyone's pocket to detect particles from the universe is still a great idea.)

"read the original text" is a link to Deco's website. If you are interested, you can study it. The introduction of

CRAYFIS is here: