Come on, listen to the slime mold sing a song.
Come on, listen to the slime mold sing a song.
Can slime molds also sing? What does it sound like? Open it and listen to it.

what kind of slime mold is it? This is a very interesting class of organisms, like amoebas, but also like fungi, which can also combine with each other to form a mass of protoplasts to act together.

here is a common slime mold. Physarum polycephalum

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it is worth mentioning that slime molds seem to be very good at computing, and in the process of foraging, they always seem to find the best way to solve problems, so scientists also pay special attention to these little guys.

however, today we are not talking about slime molds doing calculations, but listening to them sing a song.

that sounds ridiculous. Slime molds don't have any vocal organs at all. However, some people do make a sound from the slime mold's life signal.

this is done by artist Leslie Garcia, who uses a set of equipment to detect electrical signals produced by living slime molds, then converts them into sound and calls them "Non-Human Rhythms".

this may be a little weird, but it's also an alternative natural voice. Let's listen to what the slime mold song looks like. Let's listen to the

stamp and read the original text. You can learn about the attempt to develop a computer with DNA, slime mold, and other strange things.