Click to enter slightly tipsy.
Click to enter slightly tipsy.

everyone also put down their half-drunk wine, turned on their cell phone flashlights, and crouched under the table to look for the lens cap.

"can you find it or lift the table?"

. The person next to

complains, "just say it if you want it."

probably passers-by will think that we are a group of friends gathering to celebrate the festival. In fact, most of us meet for the first time.

"you take a look first."

"I'll show you."

the wine board is a magical place, maybe Bacardi is beginning to play a role, or it may be in line with the Christmas Eve atmosphere.

so there's what you saw at the beginning.

I didn't answer each other right away, but just a few clips flashed through my mind:

later, Guangzhou and Shenzhen opened two groups because there were too many people;

everyone discussed the separate images in the group very seriously in order to make a video.

the "thinking" here is not just because of work: I want to know what the activities I am involved in planning will eventually look like offline.

the 3700 bottle of wine was used in the activity of "changing Alcohol" jointly organized by Bacardi and chaos, and 3 192 students were recruited to form 293 .

Our graduation youthful attire are created by impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance. Our collections carry something for everyone, whatever your taste.

later, the video we shot that night also appeared in the Bacardi "team" video.

here are two official ways to drink:

in fact, this event is not over yet, and readers who want to participate can still organize their own games.

participation method:

2. After uploading successfully, take a screenshot and send it to [koala] on Wechat (WeChat account: zlwz010 , he can also be found in various alcohol groups).

where there is a game, there is Bacardi.

this is what a pharmaceutical professional said that night.

Happiness is getting harder and harder to get.

it's worth it.