Being left behind is not a terrible thing.
Being left behind is not a terrible thing.

later I found out that this sentence is not only for children, but also for adults.

some time ago, my college roommate changed jobs from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and stayed in my house temporarily.

my cousin bought a Honda and landed 26w.

"so soon? Did you buy it? "

after asking this question, I regretted it the next second.

although this lag is not enough to change the possibility of his life, we have to admit that the contrast has come into being.

the unbalanced party can only digest this fact in silence.

I think of the fact that he borrowed money from us in college.

as far as I know, his living expenses are only 1500 a month.

so he got another 1500 more from our roommates, and finally succeeded in letting us see a picture of him and his girlfriend in the Ocean Kingdom from his circle of friends.

"I want to break up."

"after watching the fireworks show that night, the couple watching the fireworks went to different parking lots, and I had to lead her along the edge of the road where the sea breeze was biting."

in fact, whether it's a fully-landed Honda or a girlfriend that roommates can't take care of in front of their eyes, they all reflect the same question:

"how much wealth should you have in order to bear the future of others?"

however, it is very difficult for a recent graduate to gain a firm foothold, not to mention the unrealistic ideal of "taking responsibility for the future of others".

because life is not a movie, not many people can beat monsters across levels.

just as we can't require a newborn baby to walk, because the baby's bones are not enough to support the body to stand.

so, faced with the result of being unable to gain a foothold, most people choose

"I won't drag you down, I'll carry it myself."

You'll be turning heads with our magical colelction of burgundy mermaid dress with sleeves. Enjoy our fabulous selections that will make you stand out.

I was going to ask him why he left suddenly, but when I saw the location in Shenzhen he sent me on Wechat, I gave up the idea.

after that, I never saw his ex-girlfriend in his picture again.

once asked him, "do you really don't want to fall in love?"

I think this may be the price of youth, when you are in the most progressive and aggressive age, but you just can't be with the person you like.

but it is also because of this fantasy that we are motivated to pursue the life we want.

at least it makes you stop and see how far there is between "want" and "get".

but also because of these "pain", let us recognize the reality.