Bean knowledge: where are the eyes of scallops?
Bean knowledge: where are the eyes of scallops?
Don't see the scallops and just think about the vermicelli garlic! Let's learn a little about scallop ~ (with sprouting scallop). (figure and Scallop Swimming Map)

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some of the pictures in this article are somewhat scary and magical. Please note that

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speaking of scallops, what can you think of? It's probably mainly barbecue and garlic fans or something. Although it may be eaten frequently, many people don't know much about scallops as an animal. Today, let's introduce two little things about scallops.

1. Where are the eyes of the scallop?

do scallops have eyes? Well, of course there is. But where are the eyes of scallops?

some cartoon scallops are drawn like this:

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or this:

but it's all wrong.

in the previous picture, do you see two rows of dots on the shell edge of the scallop? In fact, this is the eye of scallops!

Let's take a look at a physical photo:

Beautiful blue eyes.

in one paper, the eyes of scallops are described in this way:

"the outer eye of bay scallop consists of a short stalk connected to the edge of the mantle and is made up of a subcutaneous eye capsule. At the top is the "outer cornea" composed of monolayer cuboidal epithelial cells, with no pigment in the cytoplasm. There are "crystals" composed of cells, omental layer and pigment layer in the eye capsule. The cell in "crystal" is very large, the cell membrane is thick, and the cytoplasm is strongly positive to PAS, indicating that it is rich in sugars, and the cytoplasm is weakly positive to ninhydrin-Schiff reaction, indicating that there are a small amount of protein components. "

so, the sprouting scallop cartoon will probably look like this: ↓ _ (: sprouting "∠) _

(I drew it, don't hit me. )

2. How do scallops exercise?

scallops can swim, and their swimming posture is as follows:

scallops use well-developed obturator muscles to control the opening and closing of shells, so they can swim for a short distance. It is said that when the scallop swims, it opens its shell to absorb water, and then the front edge membrane closes to prevent the water from spurting out from the front, so that the water is sprayed out from behind.

although it doesn't look very agile, it still makes some sense to avoid predators. And it's pretty good in shellfish.