Back in seconds is not a must for love.
Back in seconds is not a must for love.
We pay more and more attention to the expression of a relationship online.

"I just finished working overtime and I can't eat." I replied to her with good reason.

"Ah, why?" I asked.

"when you say that, siri talks about it." I got back in a second this time.

yesterday I went out with Ah Yu, because I had a good chat and hardly looked at my mobile phone.

swipe easily, and there are three or two scattered messages, which happened a few hours ago, and I have no desire to reply.

"I replied to you." I said.

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it was only at this time that I realized in hindsight that

this is actually too much to ask, because even he did not do it himself.

I know that he has a habit of staying up late to play games, so I occasionally send a sentence: "have you slept?"

more often when he commutes at eight o'clock in the morning, he sends a delayed message, "Don't you sleep?" Oh, it's not even caring.