At the end of the year, I want to form a game with you.
At the end of the year, I want to form a game with you.
We have prepared 2700 bottles of wine.

once, when it was time to turn off the lights, we were still thinking about it, so we moved the wine from the activity room to the playground.

A classmate suddenly put Mr on his cell phone. Several people sang along with "now".

I can't remember what I talked about for a long time, but I still remember the warm and intoxicated atmosphere.

because everyone comes from all over the world, the atmosphere of the wine bureau is different, but they are all very interesting.

drink, the most important thing is to be happy.

our dormitory likes the liquor bureau very much.

I'm not a good drinker.

tease "do you raise fish?"

everyone smiles and says nothing.

in our wine bureau, besides drinking,

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in the wine bureau, the important thing is not how much to drink.

he misunderstood the tree of the school road.

I have a friend,

shouting "Milk Yizote" (get rid of him),

can be said to be addicted to food.

@ Maomao

the minister group went through the wine bureau once.

I don't know everyone very well.

while drinking, my chatterbox opened.

the last minister said:

I feel a little bit,

I finally get a little closer to you.

there is nothing that crayfish and wine can't solve.

or, they are not like anyone, and they have their own unique style and way of playing in the wine bureau.

but after careful observation, you will find that

this is not only a release of "color" "freedom" , but also a life attitude pursued by college students at present.

originates from Bacardi in the Caribbean and embodies the spirit of freedom, color and passion symbolizing the Latin Caribbean.

recently, Bacardi launched a disorganized campaign called "Variety Alcohol" .

at the end of the year, have a drink with a friend.