About the "miracle stupid kid".
About the "miracle stupid kid".
Don't leave everything to luck.

but maybe it's because after I finished writing the four Seas, I thought I had expressed enough, so I didn't even get tickets for the two miraculous stupid Kids, which opened at 09:00 in the evening.

but I always encounter inexplicable things when I am ready to see it, such as an invitation from an old classmate, such as a party with friends from the same village.

I think a friend said to me on the third day of the Lunar New year, "you know, I always think of you when I watch Miracle." Because your story seems. "

he said, "but I don't advise you to see it."

I think my friend is actually fooling me because he recommended the film to me in a "not recommended" way.

so, on the first working day after the quick freeze in Guangdong, that is, today (February 21), I finally remembered this movie.

but anyway, by four o'clock in the afternoon, I had entered the cinema with a latte told to be "hot" and sat in what I thought was the most central seat.

I cried when I saw Jing Hao and their wedding, because I had thought about attending the wedding of the early team members before, but today, I even don't have the contact information of some people.

I cried when I saw that after I got the order, I was "stolen" one after another, "rent was evicted" and "typhoon".

and the last part of the cry is that in the movie, my sister suddenly woke up one night and said that she had dreamt about her mother, and her mother said, "when you grow up, you have to take care of your brother." Then she hugged Jing Hao, the scene in which Jing Hao shed a tear.

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I said I wouldn't cry there, because I knew very well that for Jinghao, when his mother told him, "you should take care of your sister," she was forcing Jinghao to become an adult. What does

mean by "becoming an adult"?

in terms of telling friends, "people's emotions originally range from-10 (extremely sad) to 10 (extremely happy), but becoming an adult means that emotions can only be maintained at 0-3."

because you can't be considered sad by important people, that will lead to new worries and anxieties.

smiling means "everything will be alright", which means "Don't be afraid, I'll take care of it".

so that's why I cry when my sister says "Thank you, brother". Although I know that such a young sister can't be so perceptive, but I can also feel the director's kindness:

because Jing Hao is also fragile.

the fault is not hard work, but that he chose to gamble.

so, in order to save his sister, he started to "gamble" by borrowing NT $50,000 and bought a bunch of refurbishing machines. Later, he was banned because of the refurbishing machines and took over a list of "unwilling to pay a deposit."

now there is a bet where you have a 99.9% chance of winning and then earning 1 million, but if you lose, you will die.

in Anti-fragility, the author makes it clear that "if you can't accept the result of failure, no matter how high the winning rate is, don't play this game, because once the Black Swan appears, you will lose your life."

so in my opinion, Jing Hao in the movie is very diligent and responsible, but he is not smart.

and the "uncleverness" of this strategy soon came true, with high odds and high odds, but a policy (Jing Hao didn't even figure out that the profit margin of 900% was because it was illegal). It's all in.

the second half of the movie leads to a character similar to "God", Mr. X. if he hadn't been willing to listen to Jing Hao say what he thought, I think Jing Hao would have carried out illegal alchemy with that pile of old mobile phones.

and the greatest thing about modern society is that you don't have to be involved in a "live or die" bet if you want to achieve your goals.

so after watching this movie, I sent a message to my friend who did not recommend me to see this movie:

"so I don't bet, not once."