A lot of relationships have deadlines.
A lot of relationships have deadlines.
Keep saying goodbye, but also keep meeting.

above is a picture of a girl lying next to the cat, with a blessing written on the back.

the news of her resignation arrived at the same time as the painting.

she said, "I'm going to Beijing."

she didn't go out with me as usual in the morning. When I came back in the evening, she had already moved out.

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she took only a few things.

Ikea white shelves, I said lovely mobile phone brackets, transparent glass vases. She left it all to me.

and of course that painting.

I remember that she said to me one weekend, "you live like a cat."

maybe I am such a lazy image in her mind.

over the past few years, she has been developing in Beijing, and we haven't seen each other again because of her job, location, and other reasons.

in retrospect, I got along with her very much like my classmates at school. Commuting to and from work together was like going to and from class together.

many relationships have deadlines.

this is not to say that there has been no separation before.

when we were in school, we also knew that there would be a day when we parted ways, but the people around us could at least accompany us until graduation.

after working, it is difficult for us to predict when our relationship with the people around us will expire. The randomness of

makes me feel the fragility of the relationship more.

I don't know when it starts, similar to the scene above.

for example, a colleague who has been sitting next to him suddenly leaves, or one day he is told by the landlord that the house is going to be sold, so the contract cannot be renewed.

when I wrote this, I found that I had experienced more departures than I thought.

I have seen such a sentence in a book: